The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Listen to Episodes Sixty THree and Sixty Four

Episodes Sixty Three and Sixty Four

Madonna in a Green Velvet Chair

One dark and stormy night, a secret panel in the library of the Inverness mansion slowly slides open, and out steps the Madonna Vampyra! Where she has been, no one knows, where she is going, we’re about to find out.

The Madonna sits in Jack’s overstuffed green velvet armchair. She sighs, sinking into the soft goose down cushions. When the clock begins to strike midnight, the overstuffed chair begins to breathe. She struggles to get out as huge white feathered wings unfold from the back of the green velvet chair. And then suddenly off they go – flying away into the starry night.

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Fourth Tower Script

This is Page One of Fulton’s hand-written First Draft of "The Fourth Tower of Inverness.”

You can compare the First Draft to the Final (type-written) Draft of Episode #1 here.

Meatball Fulton, the creator of Jack, Ruby, The Android Sisters, and many others, was asked by "Hear Now: The Audio Fiction & Arts Festival," to put together a retrospective for the festival. He selected scenes from his favorite stories, starting with "The Fourth Tower of Inverness," and on through the decades. In fact, he created quite a lavish production, weaving in his comments along with Tim Clark's music. It's also a nice sampler of our stories, especially for those who are not familiar with our productions. And it's Free!

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