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We’ve launched our new website,

You’ll now have access to everything we’ve ever produced, all the Jack Flanders, all the Rubys, all and everything, and for FREE! Gift memberships available - for a month, three months or one year.

What’s the catch? The offer is for 7 days, everything free. After that, for $5 a month you’ll have access to absolutely everything we’ve ever done, and everything we’ll ever do.

You can stream directly to just about any mobile device, cellphones, iPads, laptops, and desktops too. Listen for a week. If you like it, subscribe, if not, don’t. You can unsubscribe at any point too. All of this for $5 a month. Or $55 for the year (receive one month free).

Gift memberships are now available.

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The Ultimate ZBS Experience!
Hi-Res USB

We now have High Resolution Audio on USB. “High-Resolution” means 16-bit AIFF, 44.1 kHz. The sound is identical to our CDs.

Hi-Res is ideal for the Audiophile who appreciates the attention we give our productions. You will hear much more detail & depth of sound

And, the USBs come in a laser-engraved ZBS maple wood box. Or, as Little Frieda might exclaim, “Wowie Zowie!”

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Meatball Fulton, the creator of Jack, Ruby, The Android Sisters, and many others, was asked by "Hear Now: The Audio Fiction & Arts Festival," to put together a retrospective for the festival. He selected scenes from his favorite stories, starting with "The Fourth Tower of Inverness," and on through the decades. In fact, he created quite a lavish production, weaving in his comments along with Tim Clark's music. It's also a nice sampler of our stories, especially for those who are not familiar with our productions. And it's Free!

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Ruby 12, Can We Ever Turn Into Light?

It's here!

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