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Joining Joe & Moe, is the cocktail waitress, Flo, who at times looks like a young Lauren Bacall. The six videos on this DVD are more complex than the stories in Season #1. In Nightmare on Stool Pigeon Street, the harbor fog rolls in as Joe tells of being caught in a dream where he can’t wake up because it’s real life. Joe’s story about an ex-girlfriend changes when she becomes his wife in, The Woman Who Didn’t Wear Panties.

A Big Sack of Wind is a graphic novel and video combined. A vengeful Flo slips a bomb into Ricco’s overcoat, followed by a poison frog, then tampers with the brakes on his car, then arranges a Ricco rendezvous with a tommy-gun drive-by. In, Galloway’s, Moe encounters his doppelganger; Sully/Sally is a classic detective tale with a twist; and finally there’s The Little Guy with the Big Roscoe.

This is a region-free NTSC DVD video product.

​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries, short radio dramas, film noir and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

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