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Tim’s latest and loveliest. It’s certainly “cooled-out” music. Lyrical, lush, caressing your senses. It’s a trip to the tropics, but a kind of “fantasy tropics,” the kind you daydream about, swinging in a hammock, warm ocean breeze, scent of jasmine, gardenias, every muscle in your body emitting a soft sensual sigh. Can’t get much more relaxed than this.

Tim, as you may know, has composed music for all the Rubys, and just about all the Jack Flanders adventures. Our stories wouldn’t be nearly as good without his collaboration. In fact, Meatball writes his stories with Tim’s music in mind. He allows the stories to “breathe” so Tim’s music can be an equally important and essential part of the story. As Meatball once said, “Tim fills in the colors.”

However, here is music that Tim has composed not to accompany a story, but out of his own pure imagination. The sensual tropics, Blue Bamboo.

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by David Yager
Date Added: Wednesday 05 November, 2008

Nicely mellow, but with the sense of direction and purpose that makes the soundtracks so compelling to listen to on their own. The songs have lots of flute touches to go with the ‘bamboo’ collection title.

My MP3 zip file came with the cuts just numbered; Tim Clark responded to my e-mail and listed his names for the tracks:

1. Spice Market

2. Blue Bamboo

3. Ghost of the Dragonfly

4. Rain Pool

5. Midnight Dancing at the Cafe Coqui

6. Luna

7. At the End of Night

8. Sun Spinner


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