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In Belize, Jack Flanders meets Friedrich, the owner of a bar called Fat Freddy’s. Jack knew his brother Klaus back in Rio de Janeiro. Shortly before Klaus died he sent Friedrich a blue crystal stone along with a note, “Hear this for me.”

Later, when Jack and Mojo are talking to Lindz, a waitress at Fat Freddy’s, she suggests, “Why not build a crystal radio receiver?” They do, and begin to pick up music that sounds ancient and alien. Listening late one night, Jack hears a woman’s voice accusing him, “You! You!”

He begins to have disturbing dreams, being lost in a jungle, coming upon a moonlit Mayan temple covered with black orchids. At the top of the pyramid is a gigantic stone jaguar. He later discovers the Jaguar Temple does exist.

That night, while camped at the base of the pyramid, he once again dreams of the mysterious woman who takes him by the hand and leads him down into the depths of the temple. 2 hours.

​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

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Dreams of Tiffany Blue” 320kb/sec MP3 (10MB)


by Edward Corpus
Date Added: Sunday 02 February, 2014

Again, Jack returns to the one I knew from Dreams of Rio, Bali, etc. And yes, I agree, please continue this adventure. Also, FYI to those who are inclined to build and use—it’s dangerous to use a cat’s whisker crystal receiver in a thunderstorm! Mojo and Linz didn’t mention how hard it must have been to string up a long wire antenna in a tree house cafe. Oh, I love Linz—fine, adventurous female character I like better than some of the more recent ones. Please bring her back for more. “Wings” is also a gem. We don’t do roadtrips without Jack Flanders and ZBS.

by stephen ilott
Date Added: Wednesday 01 January, 2014

I’m a big Jack fan. This one left me hanging a bit. We just get into the jungle towards the temple and the mysterious woman when the show ends. Is there a part two?? My download ended at track 12 - “I Tickled Tiffany”. My wife and I love to listen to Jack on the long car ride to Montreal from Toronto. Good thing I had some vinyl cafe to keep us going. Tell me more about this ending guys? - Steve Ilott - Oakville Ontario



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