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Episode #1, “Night Flight to Rio” (FREE)

Flo has been having frustrating dreams at night. In her dream, she’s trying to get somewhere, but things keep happening; she forgets her ticket, or passport, or purse, she misses her bus, or train, or plane. It keeps happening night after night. So Joe & Moe give her a tip; visualize how she’d like her dream to end, and then go back to sleep and change the dream.

As they create different endings for Flo, new characters are added to her dream: Kim, a twin sister and femme fatale; a couple of gangsters, Ricco and Little LeRoy; a cop, Sam McDuff; a detective, Nick “Knuckles” Malone; a boyfriend, “Dead End” Eddie, and even Joe & Moe.

They ask, “In your dream, where were you trying to go?” When Flo replies, “Brazil,” suddenly her dream explodes into color, it’s Carnival in Rio, people are dancing in the streets, Flo’s dream has become more real than they could ever imagine.

Episode #2, “Wake Me When It’s Over” (FREE)

Flo is in Rio de Janeiro, she arrives right in the middle of Carnival. There’s drumming and dancing in the streets, it’s goes on all day and all night. These are sounds that the composer, Tim Clark, and the writer, Meatball Fulton, recorded while in Rio. So it’s pretty active, in fact, it sounds wonderfully crazy, which it is.

Now, back at the Fallen Angels bar in Manhattan, Kim “The Conniver” who is Flo’s twin sister, is trying to cozy up to the gangster, Ricco. She is trying to find where her boyfriend, Dead End Eddie, hid the diamonds.

Back down in Rio, Flo finds herself alone in the middle of crazy Carnival. Joe & Moe decide its time Flo met someone, and they create a character for her, Nick “Knuckles” Malone. Of course, Nick has his own agenda and isn’t as innocent as he appears.

Episode #3, “The Hyena’s Are Singing”

The plot thickens. Little Leroy is in Rio looking for Kim. He finds himself in a roach-ridden hotel called Hotel Benny. The Brazilian roaches are the biggest roaches in the world. When he complains, the desk clerk tells Leroy, “We make pets of them.” Ridiculous as that may sound, it’s actually true, they do. Brazilian roaches don’t look anything like ours, they’re kind of cute. And big!

Meanwhile, Nick “Knuckles” Malone is cozying up to Flo.

Episode #4, “A Nude Woman in a Mink Coat”

While Joe & Moe discuss what it must feel like to be a woman nude in a mink coat, Kim is being very friendly to Ricco. And down in Rio, Little Leroy is getting depressed, he’s taken to drinking cachaca, sugar cane alcohol, the same stuff the Brazilians use to run their cars. Leroy final gives up trying to get rid of the roaches, and decides to make friends. In his cachaca hallucinations, the roaches take Leroy on a little trip around the backstreets of Rio.

Episode #5, “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”

Joe and Moe decide it’s time to intervene and arrange for Leroy to find Flo in Rio. Of course, Leroy thinks he’s found Kim, Flo’s twin sister, the babe he’s been looking for. Thinking Flo knows where Eddie hid the diamonds, he tries to make a deal with her. But Nick “Knuckles” Malone arrives and scares Leroy off.

Later that afternoon, when Flo is alone in Rio, she gets lost, and finds Leroy stalking her, in fact, herding her into an cul-de-sac where he plans to finish the job.

Episode #6, “Is This Some Kind of Joke?”

Sergeant Sam McDuff tries to warn Kim about Ricco, that her life may be in danger. Meanwhile, Ricco is putting the pressure on Little Leroy to get rid of Kim. Of course, Leroy, down in Rio, thinks Flo is Kim, and that she has the diamonds hidden in her hotel room. Having befriended the roaches, Leroy dresses them up in fedoras and trench coats, and creates his own little Brazilian roach gang. Using Roberto to slip under the door, Leroy is able to search Flo’s room, but cannot find the diamonds.

Episode #7, “Little Leroy & The Roaches”

Flo receives an invitation to attend an opening at the Carmen Miranda Museum in Rio de Janeiro. Finding herself alone in the museum at night, she soon realizes it’s a trap set by Little Leroy who is planning to do her in. But when Nick “Knuckles” Malone arrives, there’s a shootout in the museum. Little Leroy tries to hide behind one of Carmen’s enormous fruit hats, but Nick’s bullets are picking off the bananas one by one.

Episode #8, “A Dream Within A Dream”

Flo’s twin sister, Kim, finally figures out where Eddie stashed the diamonds. But so has Ricco. Kim wants to share the diamonds, Ricco does not, they exchange gunfire. It’s a touching scene as the two slowly expire. Even Joe & Moe are moved by the sadness of it all. Meanwhile, Tim Clark composes some brilliant, but heartbreaking music. The end. 1 hour, 8 episodes.

Cover art and design by Jaye Oliver.

​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries, exotic metaphysical mysteries and short radio dramas.

Audio Samples

Episode 1: Night Flight to Rio” 320kb/sec MP3 (17.3MB)

Episode 2: Wake Me When It’s Over” 320kb/sec MP3 (16.5MB)


by Rob Dumke
Date Added: Friday 06 November, 2009

Hell…..I haven’t even listened to it yet, but you’ve already got me with the title….“Fallen Angels That Bounce”......Genius!



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