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Extremely Rare “Moon Over Morocco” Poster

These posters were given to radio stations, probably back in 1974 when Moon Over Morocco was first being aired.

We have only 8 posters in our possession. Eight, that’s all! They are all mint. Our poster-photograph-abilities are rather limited, so any imperfections you may discern in the photo above, are merely lighting illusions, these 8 posters are perfect, they are mint.

A Fundraiser

We decided to sell our precious posters as a fundraiser for ZBS. Since the posters are so lovely (and rare), we further decided to charge you for an arm & a leg (figuratively speaking, of course) … $100 each! Is it worth a hundred dollars for something so rare & so beautiful? You decide.

But Wait, There’s More

Meatball Fulton, esteemed author of this classic 10-hour Jack Flanders adventure, will sign your poster for you, and personalize it too. Just let us know what you’d like him to say, ‘er, write.

The poster is 22” x 16”. It will be shipped to you in a mailing tube. As you can see, it is black & silver, calling forth those exotic moonlit Moroccan nights.

But remember, only 8 exist, so who gets there first …

Note: Only one poster per lucky person.

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