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Part 1 - “The Moon Coins of Sonto Lore”

Ruby is hired to find the moon coins of Sonto Lore, the mythical fourth moon of Summa Nulla that some believe still orbits and influences the planet.

When Ruby, Teru, And/Or and Kapoor travel to a planet of scaly reptilian creatures called Reptoids, Teru discovers a multidimensional museum and Kapoor stumbles upon an ancient Nullian bilocation machine.

Part 2 - “The Turban of El Morya”
And/Or attempts to build Nikola Tesla’s invisible light machine. To assist his vision, he “borrows” a turban that once belonged to the Ascended Master, El Morya. Meanwhile, TJ Teru, stranded on the reptilian planet, enters their forbidden High Temple. What he sees kind of turns his tummy.

Part 3 - “Dark Night of the Reptoids”
Ruby returns to the reptoid planet in search of Teru. She arrives in the midst of a solar eclipse celebrated by a bizarre carnival. Meanwhile, Teru and his faithful French robot, Francois, escape the savage city, fighting jungle cannibals, until they come upon a lovely but lethal field of whoopsie daisies.

Part 4 - “Mad Moon for Rubina”
And/Or, aided by the spirit of Nikola Tesla, constructs giant oscillators on the 5th dimensional moon of Sonto Lore. And/Or and Tesla are attempting to raise the frequency of the planet Summa Nulla bringing it into the 5th dimension. But when their giant oscillators begin to vibrate, Rubina’s moon is drawn into Summa Nulla, creating a concussive climatic conclusion.

8 Audio CDs.

​​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio drama sci fi, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries, sci fi radio dramas, and modern radio drama.

Audio Samples

Part One” 320kb/sec MP3 (20.8MB)
Part Two” 320kb/sec MP3 (9.8MB)
Part Three” 320kb/sec MP3 (8.2MB)
Part Four” 320kb/sec MP3 (23.6MB)
The Trapeze Monks” 320kb/sec MP3 (5.6MB)


by John Deters
Date Added: Tuesday 18 September, 2012

One of the better Ruby stories. An engrossing tale, with good humor, new characters, old friends, and interesting locales.

It drags a bit by the end, as the serial radio episodes encourage repetition of elements, but overall it’s enjoyable.

I recommend it to any fan of the original Ruby. It makes good entertainment for a cross country drive.

by Ken Sanchez
Date Added: Wednesday 25 April, 2012

I agree 100% with you on this Donna.

I requested & received a free sample of “The Turban of El Morya”.

This storyline was ALL you said it was and then some,,,

Now, I was and am, a die-hard Flanders fan. But I needed something else to fill in the big space. And, THIS WAS IT! Where was I??

Donna, can you recommend your next-best picks after this?

Thanx!,,,,and many thanx to you ZBS!

Happy Coils to You, Until, We Meet, Againnnn!

by Donna Munro
Date Added: Friday 15 April, 2011

I think this might be my favorite Ruby. The music is wonderfully dark and mournful, the imagery is haunting, the character development is satisfying and rich, beautifully silly as well, and as usual the inventions conjured up for this interior landscape are believably fantastic and tragically funny.



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