About This

When this was released a few years back, it was simply called Fat Cats. But we’ve made a few changes, we’ve broken it into 10 minute episodes, and also added a few comments by the writer, Meatball Fulton.

We renamed it Saratoga Fat Cats because it was recorded on location - in the streets, parks, coffee shops, cars, pickups, in the train station, a hair salon, a restaurant, a bar, in a cemetery, on a carousel, in a corn field, in a kayak paddling down the Hudson River, and other hot spots in or around Saratoga Springs. Plus, there are some pretty well heeled fat cats in this upscale town.

The Story

Willie, who paints houses, is hired by some rich guy to repaint a few rooms in his summer mansion. His girlfriend, a wet T-shirt model for Sports Illustrated, can’t stand the colors. Her name is Christy St. Nichols, she’s a pretty down-to-earth gal, she knows the sexy modeling she’s doing is simply fulfilling unfulfilled male fantasies.

One day someone shoots out the windows in the summer mansion. Seems like the rich guy, Lucas Trust is his name, may have been involved in something that wasn’t all that up & up. Since Christy is allergic to cats, Lucas gives the gardener, his name is Shades, his two fat pussy cats to take look after.

Willie loves to read cheap pulpy detective novels, his favorite is a P.I. by the name of Short Top Detroit. When he almost gets blown up with a car bomb, along with Lucas, it so shakes up Willie, he’s now hearing Short Top inside his own head.

Sounds Real

The sound is warm and intimate because it was recorded with Fritz. To hear the 3D effect, listen with headphonesor earbuds. It’s probably the most realistic, natural sounding production we’ve ever done. Mr. Fulton wrote it specifically for Mr.

Time: 2.5 hours

Audio Samples

Fat Cats” 320kb/sec MP3 (22.9MB)



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