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Polly’s sister, Margo Parker worked for a tech company called Enochian Incorporated. When she didn’t like what she saw, Margo quit. Now she feels they’ve come after her, using subliminal mind techniques that have gone beyond mere technology.

Dixon’s Uncle Hans arrives from Munich with bionic glasses for Taylor Dixon, who is visually impaired. When the bionic glasses are activated, Dixon begins to see herself detached from her body, looking back at herself. One evening in a Manhattan restaurant, Dixon observes two translucent beings floating in the air whispering strange words to Margo as she slowly slips into a trance.

9 Episodes, 1 hour.

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For a limited time only, we are offering a very special price on both the CD and download. The CD will be shipped on Nov. 17th. But if you pre-order, the price for the CD is $9.99. After Nov.16th, the price goes up.

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​Shadows in the Night


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