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The Complete Stars & Stuff at last!

Well, almost complete. Two stories that were part of this scifi/fantasy series, Tired of the Green Menace and The Ah-Ha! Phenomena, are not included since they were released separately on CDs. But, everything else is! Including:

  • The Thing That Ate Aunt Sophie
  • The Tongue That Licked Tucson
  • Wino Willie and the Dream Juice
  • The Flatback Dragon or Oh, Those China Nights
  • Boogie Woogie to the Stars and Bach Again
  • Motorcyclists from Mars,
  • Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots
  • The Bureau of Disillusionments Vs. The Great Garbonzo or Come Back Duke of Earl
  • Bobby Bonecutter and the Pink Pearl Erasers
  • The Cheesemen of Mars

Rocket Pierre and The Peanut People of Pluto, plus - The Crown Jewels of Jupiter, Space Scoundrels, The Nincompoop of Neptune, and still even more. Just reading these titles will give you an idea of what’s waiting to pounce on you.

After Meatball Fulton had finished writing The Fourth Tower and Moon Over Morocco, he had a lot of ideas left over. Ideas he wasn’t able to fit into ‘Moon’ or ‘4th Tower’. Ideas that were still ping ponging inside his head, so he decided to let them bounce out into lots of short scifi/fantasy stories. Some of these are such potent little gems, you may never be able to get them out of your head. And, we’ve also included some beautiful music by Tim Clark that wasn’t in the original series. What a treat.

6 hours.

​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, short radio dramas and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

Audio Samples

Peanut People of Pluto” 320kb/sec MP3 (23.8MB)


by Brittany Bullard
Date Added: Saturday 08 April, 2006

Stars and Stuff is short and sweet stories that keep you entertained and get your mind going smile I really wish the Ah HA Phenom. was left in it however…it’s just not the same without it.


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