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In a little theatre, off off off Broadway, Simon Gray is attempting to direct a production of Macbeth, but every actress that plays Witch #3, disappears. Simon calls in his old friend, Mojo Sam. When Mojo sees an actress vanish before his eyes, he brings in Little Frieda, a girl who looks about 12 years old, wears pigtails that rise straight up in the air when she senses danger, smokes Havana cigars, and has no pupils in her eyes. She can see thought forms. When she finally talks Simon into allowing her to play Witch #3, Little Frieda also disappears, in fact, right on stage, “Poof!” she’s gone. But then, in the Realm of the Muse, Little Frieda meets the real Witch #3, and she is sizzling mad and out for revenge.

Wait ‘til you hear the music that Tim Clark did. It is awesome! Really exceptional, a full orchestra backing the skewered humor of Meatball Fulton’s script, along with his really bent take on Macbeth’s witches.

​​For fans of radio dramatization, sci fi radio drama, audio theater, detective radio drama, and radio drama stories.

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The Case of the Disappearing Witch” 320kb/sec MP3 (13.1 MB)


by Jennifer Meyer
Date Added: Thursday 09 February, 2006

Enjoyable, and definitely worth buying. I’d probably call it “plesant” as much as anything, though that does feel a bit like damning it with faint praise. It’s not as novel as some ZBS productions, but it does have some good characters and a good take on theatre. It doesn’t have the consistant interesting weirdness of a Ruby (which is not to say that it’s mundane, just that it’s much more of this earth, bits with other dimensions aside), but it’s easier to follow and I like the villain.


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