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Fifteen years after the “Breaking,” steadfast homesteaders in rural Maine slog through an off-grid life. Things turn upside-down when John Prophet, a soldier fighting a long-lost war, appears bringing word of a new rising evil. Maria and Luke buck their parents’ wishes and set off with John to the heart of darkness: the Republic, a totalitarian state that’s grown up in the ashes of old New York.

In Corinth, a new regime offers safety at the expense of freedom. Yet, this force is only the beginning of the troubles in this land. Out of the West, a man comes bearing witness of a coming Holy War. And from within the ranks of the Republic comes a man who will stop at nothing to take control of their weapons to sacrifice to his dark god.

This lush “mind movie” re-imagines the apocalypse for the 21st century, leaving no part of modern America unscathed.

For additional story art, character info, and behind-the-scenes video: http://thecleansed.com/, or download the booklet from our web site.

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