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Tim Clark

We finally found a copy of “The Music from RUBY 3.” This was released shortly after RUBY 3 was on the air. It contains Tim Clark’s music from both “The Invisible World” and “The Underworld.” And it sounds wonderful!

Here are all the great musical hits from RUBY 3, including, “Solar Sailing,” “The Orchids of Osmos,” “The Palace of All My Illusions,” “Dancing on the Astral Bar,” “Compassion, Teru,” “All My Broken Dreams,” and many more. There are 14 pieces, 55 minutes in total.

Audio Samples


by Chris Palestrant
Date Added: Tuesday 09 November, 2010

This is a real gem. Available on cassette back in the glory days of the early 1990s, it is richly realized, lush synthesizer music easily on par with notable “new age” composers such as Vangelis. If you’ve listened to Ruby 3, it will transport you back to the Big Ooze. If you haven’t (and really, you ought to), it is a solid listen in it’s own right.

The MP3 files are sampled at a very generous 320K, with excellent sound.


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