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While exploring a cave in Belize, Jack Flanders hears a voice calling his name. Deep within, he discovers a woman who appears to have risen up out of the cave floor. Her entire body is covered in tiny calcite crystals. Jack wonders, “Is she a Mayan goddess of the Underworld?” But then he wakes up.

Jack keeps having these dreams, being lost in a cave until finally in the jungles of Belize, he finds the cave he’s been dreaming about. And within, he discovers something even more extraordinary, the skulls of two crystal maidens. The words they whisper to him not only affect his future, but also the lives of those who hear his story.

2 CDs.

Cover art and design by Jaye Oliver.

​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

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The Secret of the Crystal Maidens” 320kb/sec MP3 (8.2MB)


by Joseph Allen
Date Added: Saturday 19 April, 2014

Just finished listening to “The Secret of the Crystal Maidens” released by ZBS.

The latest Jack Flanders adventure finds him still soaking up the climate in Belize; but he is troubled and highly disturbed by dreams of a crystal woman somewhere in a dark cave. Then there’s an echo with his voice asking what he will sacrifice in order to move on. Mojo, is with Jack in Belize, and Claudine soon arrives by plane.

Soon Jack, along with Mojo, Claudine, Lindz, Jake, and Friedrich are tubing down a river and into a dark cave where crystal maidens lie in wait for him.

“The Secret of the Crystal Maidens” isn’t Jack Flander’s most noteworthy adventure. We do hear Jack at his laziest here, and even though I’m giving away a spoiler here, Jack does get tricked by his friends - granted its for his own good, but it’s a first, and I didn’t care for it

Recommended for die hard Jack Flanders fans; but definitely not those new to the series

Three Stars.



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