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Little Freida, with the assistance of Mojo, attempts to unravel the mystery of the “thing” lurking within the McIllroy mansion. Whatever it is, its illusive, mischievous & perhaps dangerous. As Mojo zeros in on the “Imp” (as he calls it) Little Frieda is in Ireland, advising him via cell-phone. But whatever traps they set, it’s Mojo who always ends up getting caught. The Imp talks to Mojo in his sleep, it calls him “Moor Man.” And this, Little Frieda discovers, is the key to how it came into existence & how to reach out to it. That is, reach out without Mojo being dragged in.

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​​​For fans of radio dramatization, sci fi radio drama, audio theater, detective radio drama, mystery radio drama and radio drama stories.

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