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This classic story is filled with all kinds of teachings, from Ram Dass playing on the Wurlitzer of Wisdoms, to the Tibetan wheel-of-life, to Sufi stories, all woven into a humorous adventure taking place in an old mansion called Inverness. The mansion has three towers, but Jack Flanders has seen a fourth. When he finally enters the tower, he discovers there are various levels, and each level contains another world. Featuring Robert Lorick as Jack Flanders, Valerie Manches as Lady Jowls, Murray Head as Lord Jowls, and M. Fulton as Chief Wampum.

​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

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by Carrie Crockett

Date Added: Saturday 17 May, 2014

Even though I am not that old, I am glad that I had the privilege of growing up listening to these because my parent has the obtained a copy of the original radio broadcasts. I heard them, blunders and all, and I could not get enough of them growing up. Even though I had been too young to understand the level of depth and metaphysics that went into this world of Jack Flanders as well as the Fourth Tower, I never lost my joy for them. I can even say I have a new appreciation for them, now that I see how deep they are. Nothing can beat these original works.

by patrick matteo
Date Added: Monday 22 July, 2013

So I just received my Fourth Tower of Inverness CD’s for the third time in about ten years; not because there was anything wrong with them - but because I feel the need to replace them when they are lost or lent out and not returned! This is an awesome bit of story-telling! I was introduced to ZBS by a buddy of mine in the Army back in…1987 or ‘88 and I have not been disappointed yet. I now own 5 of the Jack Flanders stories and really should be getting more. If this is your first time browsing the ZBS site, I promise you, there is something here for you!

by Kevin Hartnell
Date Added: Thursday 26 March, 2009

There IS no fourth tower of Inverness! ...or is there? This is a ZBS classic filled with eccentric characters, layers and layers of story to interpret, and great music to boot! I find that as I have grown and changed, so has my understanding of this wonderful tale. ZBS puts a lot of hard work into every quality production, so see where it all began and have a listen to this fantastic audio production.

by Elliott Hoffman
Date Added: Tuesday 27 January, 2009

This is it kids, this is where it all began. When I was a grad student at UVM back in 1973 this was on the radio at St. Michael’s College. Then the cassettes came out in the ‘80’s and I got my personal Jack Flanders adventures to play anytime. And I have every couple of years. I really feel this is still the best thing ZBS has ever done, better than all the Jacks that followed, better than the Rubys, better than everything else. Listen to the Fourth Tower: you will be better for it. This is an inspired metaphysical adventure through the medium of Inverness Mansion that draws upon the world’s great religions and humor, humor created both by the writer and by the players. Go out and see yourself in others.

by Karl Wick
Date Added: Tuesday 04 November, 2008

THE classic! Get a copy and plan half a dozen listening sessions a day or two apart. I first listened to this in fifteen minute segments on PBS. Waiting for the next installment was painful. Better in 45 minute segments.

If you only have one offbeat/scifi/light comedy audio drama this should be the one.


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