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Joe & Moe, two guys who like to have a drink and tell about tough dames, little weasels, hot tomatoes, thugs, cons, cops, suckers and sweethearts.

Joe & Moe come from a world of crime, hard-boiled detectives and cold-blooded criminals. But Joe & Moe have a sense of humor. They can laugh about a fat lawyer being flattened by a steam roller, or an Indian who is a fall guy in a land fraud, or a ruthless gangster whose mother drives him nuts, or Polish bank robbers who dress up like Tonto and call each other Kemo Sabe.

Joe & Moe have pretty much seen it all, they can find humor in the strangest places. You might say it’s how they deal with life. You might even find yourself laughing along with them.

Joe & Moe are from the world of Film Noir.

The stories:
4 Minute Film Noir is available for purchase on DVD only.

  1. When Little Girls Come Out to Play
  2. Even Rattlesnakes Get the Blues
  3. Formerly, Fat Louie
  4. Chief Sitting Duck
  5. Death Rides a Fast Camel
  6. The Three Kemo Sabes

This is a region-free NTSC DVD video product.

​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries, short radio drama, film noir and exotic metaphysical mysteries.

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