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This is the original radio edit version of Moon Over Morocco. Just like the podcast version, but with the closing tags. Just like you remember it from all those years ago.

Once in a far away land there existed a knowledge of natural magic that has been lost to modern man. Jack treks to Morocco, believing that in this primitive country, where magic remains an integral part of daily life, he may find this knowledge. Jack discovers far more than he expected when he steps through the Gate of Peacocks, the entrance to that lost world. Jack has stepped out of modern day Morocco and into the realm where the knowledge of magic is a requisite survival skill.

The environments in Moon Over Morocco were recorded by author M. Fulton while traveling around that country. You’ll hear the Medina, the Casbah, the music of the snake charmers, the lonely call to prayer from the minaret of the mosque, the dogs of Tangier as the moon becomes full, the music of the desert tribes recorded in the Sahara and Berber music recorded at festivals in the Grand Atlas and Rif Mountains. Music is recorded by Paul Bowles.

Featuring Robert Lesser as Kasbah Kelly, Dave Adams as Mojo Sam and Taurean Blacque as the Storyteller Mustafa.

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by Ryan Sheridan
Date Added: Monday 16 February, 2009

I opted for the original radio version of this (and of 4th Tower of Inverness) production and I sometimes found myself wishing I hadn’t. The story and production quality were both on point BUT the interludes between episodes kind of wear on you.

Other than the between episode ordeal, this is an awesome story! I’ve listened to some of the episodes numerous times for numerous reasons. There is some great humor, some great metaphysical happenings, and a wealth of proverbs throughout the story.

I can’t say that it was better than 4th Tower of Inverness, but I didn’t think it to be as noticeably silly as the 4th Tower.


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