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Two Minute Film Noir

“2 Minute Film Noir” is a series of two-minute stories based on noir characters and images. These are stories about gangsters, bimbos, cons, cops, lovers, losers, platinum blondes, mink coats, high heels, and neon signs reflecting on rain-slicked streets.

There are 50 stories, performed by the “usual suspects,” that is, the cast from the RUBY series. And boy, were they having fun doing these film noir characters.

Some of the Stories
Barking Guns & Dancing Dolls. An investor in a pro-Mafia musical does not like the dance number entitled, “Cement Sneakers.” In Say “So Long” to Shangri-la, an angel decides to take a walk on the wild side. Johnny Gonzalez, LPI (Latino Private Eye), solves a crime before it happens in, The Short Siesta. What if you were given everything you asked for, wouldn’t life be grand? Not necessarily, as Joey finds out in, All Green Lights to Hell. A hat check girl dreams of all the ways she’ll get even in, A Big Sack of Wind. Wherever you live, you’re being watched in, Nightmare on Stool Pigeon Street. A man risks his life for a jelly donut in, Dying for a Cup of Joe. Four Fingers Luigi draws the line in, The Fifth Finger. Any guy will gladly give up his life for her, and no wonder, she is Angelina, Angel of Death. Latino private eye, Johnny Gonzalez returns for, The Long Night of the Hot Chorizo.

Cover art and design by Jaye Oliver.

​​For fans of audio drama, radio drama, radio adventure, adventure radio drama, radio mysteries, exotic metaphysical mysteries, film noir and short radio dramas.

Audio Samples

Chez Tootsie” 320kb/sec MP3 (6MB)

You’re in For it Now, Pal!” 320kb/sec MP3 (3.5MB)


by Joseph E Provenzano Date
Added: Saturday 23 August, 2008

This series has an incredibly rich variety of stories, all told in the ZBS style with familiar voice characters from Ruby and Jack. Wonderful visuals and surprising twists, depth of character and fast-paced adventure. Very well produced fun. I love the recurring theme music that binds it all together. It’s like coming home to Rick’s Cafe once in a while before launching off again.


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